NIGHT PEOPLE & ENCHANTED: Things We Lost in the Night,
A Memoir of Love and Music in the 60s with Stark Naked and the Car Thieves

I'M PLEASED TO WELCOME YOU to a select group of friends and readers interested in my writing. As members of our tribe, you can expect notifications about book releases, free related stories, news about these books and interesting notes and behind the scene information. And we'll have exclusive prizes, giveaways, announcements and early releases for you. As you know NIGHT PEOPLE and ENCHANTED are available on . Thanks to you, they are doing well critically with reviewers and readers. NIGHT PEOPLE has been an Amazon Best Seller in Pop Biographies for FOUR YEARS in a row, and remains so today!  ENCHANTED has received the coveted READER'S ADVANTAGE - 5-STAR SEAL. Your reader reviews and participation inspire me every day. Taking the time to review is an enormous help. 

YOU ARE TRUSTING ME with your email address, and I will keep it safe, so here is my email address: It's a special joy for me to hear from readers. If you want or need another copy of the NIGHT PEOPLE or ENCHANTED eBooks, contact me at this address and I'll send it to you a link..

WHILE THE MEMOIR IS OVER, there are still some earlier short stories I've gathered together under the general title INDY KIDS. Not sure yet whether that will be published yet but several short memoir pieces are available in anthologies. I'll let you know when and where they are available.

I'M CURRENTLY WORKING ON A NEW SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL, working title, ACEY ENTANGLED, a provisional first book of a trilogy with a working title of QUANTUM MEMORIES. More on that later when I will be looking for early readers. I intend to write under the name of Lawrence J. Dunlap, for these books. Though this is a departure from my previous books, I like to think I'm still writing in the same style, so I hope you will give this new endeavor a chance. :)

Thanks for joining me in the adventure!

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